SportPort Docking Systems

No expense is spared in making every SportPort with a solid foam core. It’s just the right way to do it. The last thing you want is a Drive- On dock that doesn’t float your boat high and dry. At that point it’s worthless. We are the ONLY Company that distributes a modular system that is completely foam filled.

SportPort Docking Systems are made of a polyethylene that is softer than the fiberglass /gel coat on the hull of your boat. And since there are no moving parts that require upkeep, the only maintenance that you need to do is to keep the SportPort clean and free of marine growth or grit. Hosing your SportPort off & an occasional swipe with a boat brush is all that is required!

Loading and launching your boat is all done using the throttle. Slowly approach the SportPort until the boat touches it. Then ease into the throttle until the boat moves up and onto the SportPort. To launch the boat, trim the motor down all the way. Put it in reverse and back off slowly

You might be asking, why no rollers. The problem with rollers is that they break. When they break or stop rolling, it is very hard to get the boat off. Just call Sea-Tow!

A squirt of silicon on the chines every now and then makes loading and launching a breeze, and eliminates that maintenance. Silicon spray is about $1.49 at a home improvement store. Replacing those rollers isn’t cheap!

Just give us a call to figure out what configuration is going to work best for your location and craft

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