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Whether you own a seaplane with just two seats or a larger one with many, finding the right float plane lift system is crucial for smooth and efficient operations. Look no further – our custom-designed seaplane lifts and platforms offer the perfect solution to meet your needs. With a focus on durability, convenience, and eco-friendliness, our lifts ensure a long working life for your float plane. Now, we will explore our seaplane lifts’ features and benefits and the two available power options.


What is Seaplane Lift?


A Seaplane Lift is a specialized lifting system designed to safely raise and lower seaplanes in and out of the water. Seaplanes, also called floatplane or amphibious aircraft, have the unique ability to land on both water and land. However, to keep them in good condition and prevent damage from water exposure, they need to be lifted out of the water when not in use.


A Seaplane Lift typically consists of a solid deck frame with supporting structures and hydraulic systems. Additionally, the lift is custom-designed to fit the specific seaplane model, ensuring a secure and stable platform for boarding and disembarking passengers.


Features and Benefits of Float Plane


1. Custom-Designed for Optimal Performance


Each seaplane lift and platform is custom-designed to fit your aircraft perfectly. We understand that every seaplane is unique, and our expert team ensures that the lift system perfectly aligns with your specific model. This tailored approach guarantees optimal performance, ensuring your aircraft is securely lifted and positioned for easy boarding and disembarking.


2. Solid Deck Frame for Longevity


Given the exposure to water and other elements, durability is paramount when it comes to seaplane lifts. Our lifts utilize a solid deck frame, ensuring long working life and resistance to wear and tear. Moreover, you can trust our lifts to withstand the rigors of marine environments, providing reliable performance for years.


3. Two Power Options for Your Convenience


We offer two power options to cater to your preferences and operational needs. The first option is a simple and efficient 12-volt system, solar-recharged for sustainability. The second option is an AC-powered hydraulic pump, providing robust lifting power. Furthermore, both systems come with water-proof wireless remote key fobs, allowing you to operate the lift from a distance with ease and precision.


4. High-Speed Hydraulic Systems


Both power options feature high-speed hydraulic systems, ensuring quick and smooth lifting operations. With our lifts, you can efficiently raise and lower your seaplane, reducing waiting times and optimizing your workflow.


5. Environmentally Friendly Fluid


We prioritize eco-friendliness, and our high-speed hydraulic systems utilize a long-life environmentally friendly fluid. Rest assured that your operations have a minimal environmental impact as we strive to preserve and protect our natural resources.



Enhance Your Seaplane Experience with a Sea Plane Lift


Ready to take your seaplane operations to the next level? Invest in a high-quality float plane at Boat Lifts International today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your waterfront property. Ensure the safety and longevity of your seaplane by securely lifting it out of the water when not in use.


Don’t miss out on the benefits of a custom-designed lift system, with durable construction and two power options to suit your preferences. Upgrade your seaplane experience today and enjoy smooth docking and launching with our reliable Sea Plane Lifts today. Contact us now.

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