Rail Systems

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Are you a boat owner searching for a convenient and secure solution for effortlessly lifting your vessel? Look no further than rail systems. These systems provide many features and advantages that simplify the boat lifting process.


RGC Beacher Railways offers aluminum models with weight capacities of 4000 lbs. and 6000 lbs., as well as a galvanized steel model that can carry up to 4000 lbs.


The designers have crafted the aluminum and galvanized steel options for minimal maintenance, ensuring exceptional resistance to corrosion and effortless operation. These railway systems are particularly suitable for areas with shallow water and waterfront properties that have strict building regulations.


Applications and Features of Beacher Railways


The designers have crafted Beacher railways for use on shorelines with a slope or scale ranging from 5 to 13 degrees. These railway systems are ideal for areas with shallow water and waterfront properties that have strict building regulations. 




Railway systems are available in two weight capacities: 4000 lb. and 6000 lb. Each capacity comes with its unique set of features and characteristics.


  • 4000 lbs. railways are available with 40 feet of straight track and 200 feet of galvanized wire rope included.
  • The 6000 lbs. railway comes with 20 feet of straight track and 200 feet of galvanized wire rope as part of its standard equipment.
  • Our railway systems come with pivoting bunks that provide support and protection to your boat’s hull. The AR6000 model features double bunks as a standard feature. 
  • We provide Electric Power Drives for every railway system, catering to both systems with and without a Remote Control option.
  • Both systems have push-pull power drives that enable them to travel at approximately 12 feet per minute, ensuring convenient movement. 


Furthermore, both train networks feature Electric Push-Pull Power Drives, enhancing convenience, and users can effortlessly construct them using simple manual tools.


We provide a wide range of boat lifts accessories to complement the railway systems. Moreover, there is a 15-year limited warranty on the aluminum structure.

Take Your Boat Lifting to New Heights with Rail Systems


Ready to experience the convenience and efficiency of rail systems for effortless boat lifting? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Consider Boat Lifts International and discover the benefits of these advanced lifting systems. Whether you have a small watercraft or a larger vessel, rail systems provide a reliable and secure solution. Take the next step towards hassle-free boat lifting today!

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