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PWC Lifts

Effortless Lifting for Your Personal Watercraft​

Discover the perfect solution for your personal watercraft with our PWC Lifts. Designed for maximum convenience and protection, our lifts ensure easy access and secure storage for your jet skis and smaller boats. Enjoy seamless operation, robust durability, and the confidence that your watercraft is always ready for your next adventure. Explore our PWC Lifts today.

Hydraulic Cantilever PWC Lift

This hydraulic jet ski lift is one of our most sought-after products. The redesigned lift operates with a single hydraulic cylinder for improved simplicity and ease of use. With a streamlined design and fast, easy operation, you won’t waste a moment. Built with high-quality Marine Grade Aluminum, this free-standing PWC boat lift is built to last. Easy to assemble and adjust, the Hydraulic jet ski lift will have you on the water in seconds with effortless operation and ultimate protection.


  • Single hydraulic cylinder lifts jets skis and small boats weighing up to 2,000 lbs. with a maximum lifting height of 60″.
  • The Hydraulic PWC lift is easier and faster to assemble, while providing reliable lifting power.
  • New Hydraulic Control Box improved for efficiency. Corrosion and water-resistant aluminum pump base housed in a water-resistant, lock-ready, fiberglass box and operates with lithium or 12V or 24V traditional marine grade lead-acid batteries.
  • Control Boxes can be powered by Lithium Batteries for increased life and increased run time. Additionally, lithium batteries require no maintenance and can be stored outside in temperatures down to -50 degrees F.
  • Lift Arm Pivots feature bronze bushings welded in place to reinforce these pivot points. This provides quieter and stronger support and reduces wear for superior reliability.
    Stainless-steel braided hoses provide a layer of protection against abrasion and cutting.
  • Offers fast, quiet, smooth operation.
    • Streamlined, nearly invisible design
    • High quality marine grade aluminum
    • Eco-friendly bio-degradable hydraulic fluid
    • Suitable for uneven and sloped lake beds
    • Easy assembly and installation


Hydraulic Cantilever PWC Lift
Manual Cantilever PWC Lifts

RGC’s Cantilever PWC lift is an ideal choice for small boats and jet skis. This lift offers excellent durability in an economical solution for your boat storage needs. The easy-to-use wheel kit allows you to manually hoist smaller-sized boats out of the water in no time. Available in 1,000 lbs. and 1,200 lbs. lifting capacities, this cantilever lift comes equipped with adjustable legs and handwheel for fast, convenient installation.

Features of the Cantilever Lift for PWCs and Small Boats:

  • This small boat lift supports watercraft up to 1,200 lbs.
  • The cantilever lift is designed for easy installation, adjustability and customization.
  • Customize your cantilever PWC lift with RGC Boat Lift Accessories.
  • All units come standard with 30″ handwheel, or upgrade to power with optional drives.
  • All units come standard with 4 adjustable legs.
  • Adaptable with the ability to mount winch and handwheel on either side of lift
  • Upgrade to powered lifting with an optional AC friction drive.
  • Built with marine-grade aluminum and high quality components for longevity.
Manual Cantilever PWC Lifts
Vertical PWC Lifts

Our Vertical PWC Lifts are the top choice of jet ski enthusiasts. This boat lift is reliable, durable and built to last, so you can focus on getting in the water and having fun. RGC’s vertical lift will have your jet ski or other personal watercraft in and out of the water quickly and safely. Built with marine-grade aluminum and designed for efficiency and longevity, the Vertical jet ski lift is easy to install, adjust and customize. Our Vertical jet ski lift is ideal for shallow water, fluctuating water and uneven/sloped lakebeds. Choose from a manual jet ski lift, or upgrade to an electric jet ski lift available in AC or DC drive options. Whether you’re looking to outfit your Waverunner, Seadoo or other personal watercraft, our vertical lift is the premier choice.


Vertical Jet Ski Lift Features & Benefits:

  • Supports watercraft up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Large lifting height, up to 75″ allows for a huge range of water depths.
  • Ideal for shallower water applications.
  • Suitable on uneven and sloped lake beds.
  • Ideal for residential waterfront properties and busy marinas.
  • The small footprint of this lift make it ideal for space limited applications.
  • Choose from a manual jet ski lift, or a powered jet ski lift with AC or DC drive options available.
  • Easy installation and adjustability with no special tools required.
  • Customizable for various needs and budgets.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless-steel cables and hardware outlast competitor lifts.
  • Low maintenance polymer sheaves prolong cable life.
Vertical PWC Lifts