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Boat Lifts International frequently asked questions, please do review a series of our most common questions below, if you do not see the question or answer you are looking for, contact us here for more information!

RGC boatlifts are easy to use, reliable, made with unique features from the strongest, materials available. We’re also the only major lift distributor to offer all of our aluminum lifts in both 48 and 60” of lifting height without lowering the lifting capacity.

For a complete list of what makes RGC Boatlifts unique, see The BLI EDGE.

RGC Boatlifts offers a variety of styles, structures and sizes, including both vertical as well as cantilever models. That’s because boat lifts are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. Your boat lift should meet all of your unique requirements while staying within your desired price range.

For a guide to determining which boat lift is right for you, see Lets choose a lift?

Boat lifts are a small upfront expense that pay do pay off. Making up only a small percentage of your initial boating investment, over time your lift will pay for itself as it greatly reduces maintenance costs.  Reasons to have a boat lift.

The best theft protection available is to turn off the power switch to your hydraulic power pump and lock your box when not in use.

RGC boatlifts are adaptable to many boat designs. However, give us a call to determine whether your current lift is the correct size for your new boat.

We only use a special biodegradable hydraulic fluid that is non-toxic to aquatic life and that is safe for the environment. This fluid is not the same as food-grade oil. For this reason, only use our approved fluid in your hydraulic system.

The hydraulic fluid supplied with your new RGC boatlift should not require replacement for several years. If you feel your fluid has become contaminated, requires changing or needs additional fluid added, give us a call, we can evaluate your needs and respond quickly to keep you on the water.

RGC lifts are maintenance free for the most part, although we do recommend you have us perform an annual service check on your lift each year to maintain worry free operation. We test the battery, solar panel, check all nuts, bolts and pivot points for wear or concern. RGC lifts come with a 15 year warranty on all aluminum and welds as well as 3 years on all hydraulics and electronics. No hidden loopholes in our warranty paperwork, just bumper to bumper coverage…labor included.