Boat Lifts International

Reasons to have a Boat Lift

Boat Lifts International frequently asked questions, please do review a series of our most common questions below, if you do not see the question or answer you are looking for, contact us here for more information!
  • Never worry about breaking moorage or not staying tied to the dock during the next burst of poor weather.
  • A failed bilge pump can’t lead to the sinking of your boat at the dock if it is suspended above the water.
  • Never scrub your boats hull again. Resale will increase with a shiny clean hull free of grime and lake scum.  Looking new over the years.
  • Add a canopy to preserve your upholstery from the harsh sun and rain.

No lines to untie or scrubbing before use. Simply push a button on your remote key fob and you will be off boating in seconds.



  • Storing your boat in the water is the primary cause of all damage below the water line. Everything from lower unit wear to hull blisters can be prevented by storing your vessel above the water line.