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The Advantages of Hydraulic Lifts for Boats

Owning a hydraulic boat lift is for boaters who seek convenience. The hydraulic mechanism allows little to minimal effort with the lift functioning from a simple button push. To know the pros of hydraulic lifts, read through this article to have an overview of purchasing one for your boats.

Understanding Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Hydraulic boat lifts are convenient to own and operate since they do not require cables or pulleys. These hydraulic mechanisms are also known to be more silent than traditional mechanical lifts. These specialized mechanical systems have been designed to lift and lower boats in and out of the water using hydraulic power. It provides a high level of control and precision in handling a watercraft. The premise of hydraulics stems from creating mechanical movement through pumping liquid in cylinders with pistons.

BoatLifts International (BLI) offers two types of hydraulic lifts to boaters:  Hydraulic Remote Cantilever and Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts. The first boasts a practical and efficient solution for boaters to maximize convenience and security. On the other hand, the latter offers a mix of the benefits of Aluminum Vertical Lifts powered by hydraulics. It boasts a flexible range used in shallow and deep waters. In choosing a hydraulic lift, it is essential to factor in the weight and size of your watercraft. The lifting capacity of lifts varies, so knowing your boat’s dimensions and capabilities is essential.

The Key Advantages

There are numerous advantages of these hydraulic boat lifts. Among these are its capacity and power to lift, smooth and precise control, minimal maintenance, durability and reliability.  The hydraulic boat lifts designed by BLI are made to be compact and convenient for boaters with a 12V DC hydraulic box. Boaters can upgrade for higher HLs with a remote control. The assembly and installation of BLI’s lifts are straightforward, only needing essential tools. Thus, there are several key advantages to investing in a hydraulic boat lift.

Power and Capacity

These types of hydraulic lifts are prominent for their extraordinary power and lifting capabilities, making these innovations ideal for various boat weights and sizes. However, knowing your vehicle’s dimensions and the power and capacity needed from a hydraulic boat lift is still essential.

Hydraulic boat lifts allow boaters to lift or lower their vessels into the water smoothly and precisely. Boarding boats are also easier when they are level with the dock and are not constantly swaying due to the waves.

Minimal Maintenance

This type of boat lift typically requires less maintenance than other variants. While these lifts still require regular maintenance and checking, they require less than traditional lifts like cable pulleys. Boat lifts also minimize the maintenance and cleaning of the vessel itself.

In fact, these boat lifts are built to last with the capability to withstand harsh marine conditions and heavy load lifting. It has proven to be durable and reliable on many levels.

Safety and Convenience

Hydraulic lifts can be operated remotely, which adds to its convenience. Also, investing in a good lift allows boaters and passengers to board quickly. Boarding the vessel while it is lifted minimizes the movement from water while boarding. Boarding at dock level is also more convenient for people to enter the vessel. 

When the boat is properly lifted, boaters can be confident that their vessels are secure. When lifted, boats will be prevented from floating away or being stolen. Storing boats in a lift is also much more convenient than constantly and repeatedly loading and unloading your vessel from a trailer.

Moreover, storing your boat in a hydraulic lift is more convenient for on-the-go repairs since lifting the boat provides easier access. Lastly, if the boat is secure above the water with a lift, it prevents damage and scuffs. The water conditions and changes in the tide could dock the boat, which could lead to significant cosmetic and functional damages. 

Protection from Damage

Keeping your boat anchored in the water will not protect it from long-term damage. Keeping it in the water would result in layers of scum accumulating in the boat’s exterior, increasing the risk of corrosion that can damage the vessel’s integrity. Not lifting your boat, especially in harsh weather conditions, can damage the vessel from rocking freely on the water or strong winds. 

Securing your boat in a hydraulic boat lift, especially in storms, can give you peace of mind that your investment is safely stored and suspended above the water. That is why you should constantly use your bilge to attend to water that enters your boat. It is not always the best solution, but lifting your vessel lessens the work of your bilge pump. 

Saltwater, especially, can quickly erode the material in boats. A lifted boat is less likely to have the hull stain, adding an extended value to the boat since it has been in better condition for longer. Additionally, a boat lift with an extra roof or canopy can protect the interiors of your vessel from sun damage that results in the interiors fading. 

Versatility and Adaptability 

As mentioned above, hydraulic lifts are versatile and can accommodate boats of various sizes. Boaters can choose from extensive lifts that can specifically cater to their vessel’s needs. Hydraulic boat lifts are also ideal for either saltwater or freshwater environments.

Environmental Considerations

Materials used in boats can contribute to pollution in the water. The oils, paints, and cleansers used on boats may spill into the water, affecting the environment. Spilled fuel from the engines can also contribute to the contamination of the environment. Keeping your boat suspended above the water lessens the time it spends on the water without compromising its safety. 

Hydraulic boat lifts are more environmentally friendly than other lifts. The lift produces less noise pollution and is more environmentally conscious in keeping your boat off the water when not in use.

Cost Savings

Hydraulic boat lifts may be more expensive initially compared to other variants. However, these boat lifts are built to last and can save you money in the long run from constant repairs. Also, using your hydraulic lifts when your vessels are unused can save you more money. These lifts are safe spaces to store your vessels when not in use. They keep your vessels safely suspended above the water, protecting them from accumulating damage from being in the water for extended periods. 

Keeping your vessel in the water would require further maintenance due to corrosion, even when not in use. A lot can be from docking your boat in the water for extended periods without use. Keeping boats in the water can lead to the growth and appearance of algae and barnacles, which cost to clean.


Hydraulic lifts are for boaters who seek convenience and security for their vessels. These lifts offer several benefits for boaters and passengers alike. Hydraulic boat lifts serve as a safety net for your vessel in rough weather conditions, prevent extensive water damage from being in the water even when not in use, offer convenience upon boarding, and more. These may be a significant investment at first, but they significantly lessen your expense on repairs from potential damage in the future. Thus, investing in a quality lift protects your watercraft’s quality and resale value. Boats are a significant investment for individuals, so protecting the boat’s integrity should be a priority.

Why Choose Boat Lifts International in Hydraulic Lifts

Boat Lifts International values quality service and products. We began as a ski and wakeboard school that slowly transitioned into the boat lift dealership industry in 1999. It emphasizes the importance of exceptional customer service. At present, we are Seattle’s number-one boat lift dealer. An issue in the industry was that when the purchase was completed, the relationship between dealer and customer most likely ended as well. Our company believes that even after the purchase has been completed, we are still available for our customers should they have any concerns.  Check out our products on our website at Boatlifts International, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.