Aluminum Vertical Lifts

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RGC Vertical Boat Lifts feature a unique structural design that provides convenient access to your boat from either side of the lift, even when the boat is in the water. The VL platforms are engineered to descend lower and raise higher than our competitors.


This versatile range of lifts allows for their utilization in shallow and deep water applications, as well as in regions where water levels fluctuate. Moreover, our lifting capacities range from 1,250 lbs. to 10,000 lbs., and we offer a model that can meet most lifting requirements.


Applications of Aluminums Vertical Lifts


The Vertical Lifts are the perfect solution for waters that experience fluctuations, thanks to their lifting heights ranging from 66 inches to 80 inches.


Vertical lifts excel in low water level applications, with minimum platform heights ranging from 8 to 13 inches.


We provide a wide choice of accessory options to customize your lift to meet your demands, assuring the best boat protection and giving you the comforts you deserve.




Our lifts are versatile, suitable for both shallow and deep water, and adaptable to areas with changing water levels. Additionally, we provide lifting capacities ranging from 1,250 lbs. to 10,000 lbs., offering models to meet a wide range of lifting requirements.


We specifically engineer the Patented R18LT and R18HD winches to minimize operator effort while extending the lifespan of the cables.


We construct the lift frames using durable marine-grade aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance. Furthermore, we include stainless steel hardware and cables as standard equipment.


To enhance the longevity of the cables, we equip the lifts with durable polymer sheaves. These heavy-duty components effectively extend the lifespan of the cables. Moreover, the lifts feature pivoting footplates designed to conform to the waterway’s floor, ensuring secure positioning.


Additional features include:


  • The assembly and installation of the lifts are straightforward and require only basic hand tools.


  • Quality of our products with a 15-year limited warranty on the aluminum structure, which ensures the long-lasting durability and reliability of our products.



Maximize Your Boat Lifting Potential with Aluminum Vertical Lifts


Ready to elevate your boat lifting experience with aluminum vertical lifts? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Consider Boat Lifts International today and discover the convenience and efficiency of these advanced lifting systems. Whether you have a small watercraft or a larger vessel, aluminum vertical lifts provide a reliable and secure solution. Take the next step towards effortless boat lifting today!


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