Aluminum Cantilever

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If you are a boat owner looking for a reliable and efficient boat lift system, RGC Cantilever Lift are the perfect choice. With their sturdy construction and versatile capacity models, these lifts are designed to meet your large PWC, small fishing boat, and jet boat lifting requirements. Now, we will explore the features and benefits of RGC Cantilever Lift, along with its applications and accessories.


Applications of Aluminum Cantilever


These cantilevers provide an ideal solution for securely storing your boat, PWC, or sailboat with a retractable keel when unused. 


Effectively utilize the feature of adjusting the extension legs to 3ft., 4ft., or 5ft. in different water depths. This guarantees their adaptability to various environments and water levels.


Features of a Cantilever Boat Lift:


1. Versatile Capacity Models


The RGC Cantilever Lift offers two capacity models, providing different boat sizes and weight options. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between the 1200 lb. model or the more robust 2000 lb. model. These lifts are built to handle a wide range of watercraft, making them an ideal choice for boat owners with diverse lifting requirements.


2. Durable Marine Grade Aluminum Construction


RGC Cantilever Lift features lift frames constructed from durable marine-grade aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, this high-quality material provides the lifts with the strength and durability needed to withstand harsh marine environments, giving you peace of mind about their reliability.


3. Convenient Hand Wheel and Winch Placement


RGC can mount the lifts’ 30″ hand wheel and winch on either side of the cantilever style. This thoughtful design ensures convenience and ease of use for boat owners, allowing them to operate the lift comfortably from either direction.

4. Easy Assembly and Conversion


Assembling RGC Cantilever Lift is a hassle-free process, and it only requires basic hand tools. You can easily convert the single PL1000 lifts to double lifts with simple conversion kits, providing even greater versatility and customization options.

5. Applications for Various Water Depths


RGC Cantilever Lifts are designed with high adaptability, making them suitable for use in various water depths. Additionally, the lifts come with 3ft., 4ft., or 5ft. adjustable extension legs, allowing you to customize the system to fit the water conditions at your location.


6. Canopies for Enhanced Protection

For PL1200W and PL2000 models, RGC offers canopies as optional add-ons. These canopies provide additional protection for your watercraft from the elements, ensuring they stay in excellent condition when not in use.


Additional Features: 


  • Wide Range of Accessories: RGC offers a comprehensive range of accessories for their Cantilever Lifts to cater to various boat owners’ needs. Whether you need additional security features or enhancements for specific watercraft types, the available accessories ensure the lift system meets your unique requirements.


  • Standard Equipment for Smooth Operation: As standard, RGC Cantilever Lifts are equipped with polymer sheaves, PVC bearings, and stainless steel hardware and cables. Consequently, these components contribute to smooth and trouble-free lifting operations, reducing the chances of wear and tear and enhancing the overall performance of the lift system.


  • 15-Year Limited Warranty: RGC is confident in the durability and performance of their Cantilever Lifts, which is why they offer a 15-year limited warranty on the aluminum structure. This warranty provides added assurance and demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to delivering high-quality products.


Experience Smooth Boat Lifting with RGC Cantilever Lifts!


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