Lift Canopies

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Are you a boat owner seeking a hassle-free and secure solution for effortlessly raising your vessel? Your search ends here with lift canopies. These canopies offer a diverse array of features and benefits that streamline the boat lifting process. 


RGC Boat Lift Canopies offer excellent protection from the sun and rain, ensuring the safety of your watercraft. We provide high-quality acrylic fabrics and durable vinyl materials in various attractive colors. 


Every canopy cover is meticulously crafted to fit flawlessly over a custom aluminum frame exclusively designed and tailored for RGC boat lifts.


Applications and Features of Lift Canopies


With its streamlined appearance, our lift canopies offer a sleek and modern design while providing ultimate protection. Built with the same high quality and durability to match, our lift canopies ensure top-notch performance and style.




Our boat lift canopies feature a durable marine-grade, all-aluminum frame construction that requires minimal maintenance. To ensure stability, extra bracing is included with longer-length canopies. 


These canopies can be easily assembled using basic hand tools, allowing for quick installation. We offer canopy frames in lengths ranging from 15 ft. to 40 ft. and various widths to perfectly fit RGC boat lifts. 


Our Boat Lifts Canopies also come with the following features:


  • Durable marine grade, all-aluminum frame construction requires minimal maintenance.


  • The canopies are manufactured using high-quality fabric and are available in various colors. Standard color choices include blue, green, and gray. 


  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on CoverTuff™ fabric, as well as a 15-year limited warranty on the aluminum frame and workmanship. For custom fitting to your dock or specific needs, we also offer custom canopy frames by particular order. 


Additionally, We provide a diverse range of boat and personal watercraft lifts to cater to the requirements of various waterfront settings. Furthermore, we offer a wide selection of additional accessories to enhance any waterfront area. 


Elevate Your Boating Experience with Lift Canopies


Ready to elevate your boat lifting experience with boat lift canopies? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Consider Boat Lifts International today and discover the convenience and efficiency of these advanced lifting systems. Whether you have a small watercraft or a larger vessel, lift canopies provide a reliable and secure solution. Take the next step towards effortless boat lifting today!

Lift canopies provide protection and shelter for watercraft on a boat lift.

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