Boat Lift Accessories

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In the realm of boating, enhance your boating experience with a range of high-quality boat lift accessories at Boatlifts International. We’re here to make your boating escapades flawless with our ingeniously engineered boat lift accessories. From power unit support brackets to full-length drive guides, our cutting-edge solutions are designed to elevate your boating journey to a new level of ease and efficiency.


Innovative Features That Redefine Boating:


  • Power Unit Support Bracket
  • Single Pole Boat Guides
  • Full-Length Drive Guides with Single Pole Uprights
  • Bow Stop and Full Length Drive Guides with Single Pole Uprights
  • Side Deck and Brackets
Power Unit Support Bracket

Power Unit Support Bracket

Securely anchoring the power unit to a boat lift leg, canopy leg, or your dock’s side, our power unit support bracket ensures it’s out of your way while maintaining safety. Experience unobstructed movements and optimum use of space with this essential accessory.

Single Pole Boat Guides

Navigating your boat over the boat lift is a breeze with our single-pole boat lift accessories guides. These vertical guides not only direct your boat accurately but also act as a constant reference point, even in fluctuating water levels. Enjoy hassle-free placement every time you dock.

Single Pole Boat Guides
Full length drive guides with upright poles

Full-Length Drive Guides With Single Pole Uprights

Make docking stress-free with our full-length drive guides equipped with upright poles. Providing superior centering even in challenging conditions, these guides also double as a walking platform and step for easy boat access. Novice or expert, anyone can enjoy a smooth docking experience.

Bow Stop and Full-Length Drive Guides With Single Pole Uprights

This combination of accessories is what we call the “perfect park.” Especially helpful when someone less experienced is at the helm, these accessories ensure your day of boating concludes on a high note, with zero stress.

Paragon 21
Side Deck and Brackets

Side Deck and Brackets

Our sturdy aluminum side deck with flow-thru decking and brackets offers increased accessibility to your boat for cleaning and cover attachment. Easily attached to extended boat lift legs or canopy legs, these decks provide a stable surface for safe and convenient boat access.

Types of Accessories for Seamless Boating:


  • Navigational Guides: Explore our range of guides that ensure precise boat positioning, even in challenging conditions.


  • Docking Enhancements: Discover accessories designed to simplify docking, catering to both novice and experienced boaters.


  • Maintenance Aids: Access innovative solutions that facilitate easy boat maintenance, from cleaning to cover attachment.


The Journey to Effortless Boating with Boatlifts International Today!


Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a new boating enthusiast, our innovative solutions and boat lift accessories are designed to simplify and enhance your every adventure on the water. Say goodbye to docking dilemmas and welcome hassle-free maintenance. Embrace the ease and efficiency that Boat Lifts International brings to your boating world. Explore our range of ingenious accessories for boats today and set sail confidently!


At Boat Lifts International, we’ve revolutionized the boating experience, bringing you unmatched convenience and peace of mind. Explore our range of innovative solutions and discover a new world of boating without the hassle. Your perfect boating adventure starts here.

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