Wave Armor: Safe Docking for Your Personal Watercraft Adventures

boat above the water using wave armor above the water

Wave Armor: Safe Docking for Your Personal Watercraft Adventures

Safe docking is important for a number of reasons. For personal watercraft owners, safe docking offers protection against potential accidents and damages. Thus, unstable or insufficient docking increases the risk of accidents, posing a direct threat to rider safety. With the use of Wave Armor, it will serve as a good addition in securing your PWCs and providing a robust docking system.

The Need for Safe Docking

Over time, personal watercraft (PWC) owners may encounter a range of challenges when docking their watercraft. These challenges encompass:

  • Their watercraft’s compact size and build.
  • Maneuverability limitations within tight spaces and areas.
  • Susceptibility to collisions and exposures in busy waterways.


If their docking approaches are not secured, PWC owners will likely face potential damages, injuries, and harm to their surroundings. Damages on PWC need extensive repairs, which costs a lot. With a reliable and secured docking system, it basically promotes safeguarding PWC integrity, providing protection on critical components such as the hall and propulsion system.

Furthermore, numerous boat enthusiasts prioritize safety, driving the need for a secure and dependable docking solution. Unsecured personal boats pose risks of dislodgement, potentially causing substantial damage or injury to nearby boaters.

They come with a range of innovative features, from deck finishes to attachment slots and extensive accessories to enhance the boatowner’s dock system. They offer custom options to meet unique lifestyles and preferences to provide comfort and entertainment to mutuals.

For rough waters and waves, it is recommended to take wave armor docks. These docks are constructed using high-density polyethylene plastic, which offers exceptional durability and resistance to damage, moisture, rot, and even corrosion.

In addition, it meets with the water levels, rising and falling alongside them, with no modification and maintenance needed. These are compatible with all water types and have easy installation and set-ups. 

Wave Armor Features

When it comes to securing boats and PWC into their place, Wave Armor stands out in the boating industry. They are a top name in offering innovative docks and port systems, from floating docks and boat parts to swim rafts. 

Ensures a solution for any unique waterfront need, prioritizing quality docking systems that cater to a wide range of PWC and boat-owning needs. They also provide a wide range of products that enhance and redefine the docking experience. The unique features of their watercraft and boat docks include the following:

Stability and Durability

The docking system is designed to possess exceptional stability and durability. Made with high-quality materials, these docks provide a robust and secure platform with the ability to hold boats of varying sizes. Their robust design also ensures stability even through challenging water conditions. 

Additionally, these docks are designed to be robust to meet the water’s changing conditions. Routine maintenance, including regular wear and tear inspections, also helps detect potential issues early. This approach ensures timely repairs and extends the dock’s lifespan in the face of wave-related challenges.

Easy Accessibility

The docks also prioritize user-friendly designs and output to ensure seamless accessibility. Their docking systems come with innovative and efficient layouts, granting boat and PWC enthusiasts a more hassle-free boarding and disembarking experience. 

Protection Against Water And Weather Elements

The boat docks have incorporated weather-resistant features to safeguard boats against marine environments and prolonged natural exposure that may lead to damaging the vessel’s integrity. It comes with specialized coating and materials that ensure protection against corrosion, UV damage, and daily wear and tear.

Customization Options

Wave Armor recognizes boat owners’ unique preferences, needs, and experiences in their docking systems. They are open to taking in details and offer a diverse range of customization options that can cater to various needs. 

With this offer, boat and PWC owners can personalize their docks according to how they visualize and plan their vision. Boat and PWC owners are also provided additional docking and  boat lifting accessories to meet both function and aesthetic appeal. 

Advantages of Wave Armor

Wave Armor’s range of docking and raft systems reflects an extension of a boat owner’s unique lifestyle. Their docks are designed to be a step ahead and one of a kind for boat owners. Moreover, their docks come with specific benefits such as:

Improved safety for PWC Riders

The designed dock platform provides enhanced safety for personal boats and PWC. The dock design minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries that may happen if the vessels are not adequately secured. Enhanced stability guarantees PWC enthusiasts a more secure and seamless experience during docking and boarding procedures.

Prevention of Damage to Personal Watercraft

The docks also have the key advantage of preventing personal watercraft from getting damaged. The docking system is designed to protect your watercraft from scratches, dents, and damages during docking or mooring. This preserves the quality and aesthetic conditions of your PWCs and protects their functionality and longevity.

Time and Effort Savings in Docking Procedures

The docking systems’ user-friendly design offers simplified building and streamlined procedures, saving valuable time and effort for personal watercraft owners. The dock’s additional mechanism also doubles the simplicity of the process. With this design, PWC owners can easily dock and undock their boats quickly and effortlessly without hassle.

How to Get Wave Armor

Wave Armor offers products for all ranges. come in various options and lineups, such as their latest generation of PWC Ports. 

The Evolution Series is, by far, their easiest and largest Drive On/Roll Off PWC port in the market. Additional new products include ProTect’R, their latest port canopy system, and the Otter Island Swim Raft. See more of their latest and popular products by visiting their official website.

Installation Tips

While their dock and port products are user-friendly in design, it is still crucial for owners to practice essential installation and safety tips. Each product comes with detailed manuals covering the parts and specific instructions. PWC and boat owners can also inquire about the help of trained professionals advising on which products and components are crucial.

Special requirements are also needed to ensure the products are optimized to meet expectations and last a lifetime. PWC and small boat owners need to assess the water condition and location of the proposed installation. These assessments are needed to ensure proper alignment, dock stability, and personal safety matters.

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance practices are highly needed to make sure that your docking system lasts a lifetime and remains effective through your boat traveling needs. Boat and PWC owners should conduct regular inspections before, during, and after every use. Routine inspections will help in spotting and preventing significant problems that pose a threat to the docking system.

The product manufacturers also provide recommended guidelines regarding specific watercraft capacity and usage limitations. Owners should follow these recommendations and avoid unnecessary strains. 

Routine checks and cleaning procedures are also integral. PWC owners should inspect all the necessary equipment, such as the connectors, joints, and hardware, to prevent corrosion or infection in the building. Cleaning the dock’s surface is also important in removing debris, algae, dirt, or damaging substances


In conclusion, Wave Armor docking system provides a solution for safe personal watercraft docking. Their product offers a range of benefits that effectively boost and improve boatowner’s overall experiences. Their product’s streamlined design and enhanced safety procedure provide owners peace of mind and insurance that both their boats and themselves are in safe hands.

Boat Lifts International is proud to have them as our partner and supplier for your docking system needs. Visit our website today for more details or inquiries.



  1. Are you able to obtain an add-on if we buy more jet skis? 

Yes, the system is entirely modular, offering the flexibility to incorporate various add-ons. Add-on options help boat owners who opt for customized options for their dock and security means.

  1. Are your drives on ports adjustable to different crafts or PWC?

Yes, our stainless axles and rollers are adjustable to meet the needs of not only PWCs but also small boats or skiffs. Additionally, we offer measurement assessments to determine the dimensions that best suit your watercraft, docks, or other essential factors.

  1. Do your floats work in salt water? 

Our ports and various attachment hardware and components provide the perfect solution for all forms of needs for floating docks and fixed pier docks. The ports are designed to be resistant to any type of water that will float with the tide and always have you ready to launch or store your PWC safely.

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