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Pontoon and tritoon boat kits have grown in popularity. This growing interest is due to their special designs and the prevalent demands of these boats for leisurely cruising or fishing in calm waters. In this article, you will learn more about both types of boats, their unique features, and benefits.

Understanding Pontoon Boat Lift

Pontoon boat lifts secure boats by lifting them out of the water, protecting them from hull damage, algae growth, and corrosion. They consist of a strong frame, a motor system for lifting and lowering, and adjustable cradles. Boat lift accessories like remote controls or canopy covers provide added functionality and convenience.

Features of a Pontoon Boat lift

Taking a Pontoon boat ride is a popular option among private watercraft owners. These boats are spacious and versatile, offering a range of features:

Wide Range of Capacity Options

Pontoon boat lifts come in different capacities to suit various boat sizes and weights. The options range from 1250 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.

Durable Marine Grade Aluminum Construction

The lifts are made of durable, marine-grade aluminum to ensure they are robust and corrosion-resistant. This type of metal is known for excellent workability and strength, which is ideal for boat construction.

Stainless Steel Hardware for Added Strength

The boat lift hardware is made of strong and durable stainless steel. Additionally, it includes secure silicon bronze nuts that ensure a stable platform and easy adjustments.

Tritoon and Pontoon Bunks for Optimal Support and Adjustability

Both pontoon and tritoon boat kits have full-length bunks to support the entire length of your boat. This design ensures that your boat is safely cradled while it is lifted and stored without causing any damage to the base or risking it falling.

Heavy Duty Sheaves and Bushings

Pontoon boat lifts are equipped with heavy-duty polymer sheaves and bushings. These products help prolong their lifespan and enhance their overall performance by contributing to smooth operation.

Pivoting Foot Plates for Secure Positioning

Aluminum boat lifts also come with pivoting footplates that ensure the boatlift’s position is secured and stable. This feature lets boat owners adjust their lifts to meet different water conditions.

Additional Features and Benefits

Besides the features mentioned above, pontoon and tritoon boat kits also come with the following benefits any watercraft owner would enjoy.

Easy Assembly and Installation

Installation of our boat lifts is simple and stress-free, thanks to the clear instructions provided. Only basic hand tools are required, saving boat owners from purchasing complicated equipment.

15-Year Limited Warranty

Besides the easy-to-follow process, each boat lift system has a 15-year limited warranty. The warranty also proves the provider’s commitment to quality and meeting customer expectations.

Customization Options and Adjustable Bunk Kits

Boat owners also have the choice to pick several lifting and power designs for their boat lifts to meet their needs. Furthermore, they can customize their dock bumpers depending on their boat’s unique designs.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Before buying your boat lifts, there are some factors you need to consider, especially in terms of materials and assembly. You must take into account the following:

  • Skills Required for Assembly: You should evaluate your comfort level and efficiency when assembling items.
  • Necessary Tools and Equipment: It is important to double-check the required tools for assembly to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment.
  • Budget Allocation: Consider additional expenses for tools or services and long-term costs when planning your budget.

Have a Convenient Docking Experience with a Pontoon Boat Lift

Pontoon and tritoon boat lifts have many advantages. They come in various capacities, are made of high-quality materials, and are easy to install. Boat Lifts International offers lifts with a limited-time warranty. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions from curious buyers about tritoon and pontoon boat kits.

1. Are all pontoon boats the same?

Many people refer to any toon boat as a Pontoon. In reality, a Pontoon boat has two toons. In contrast, Tritoon boats have three tubes.

2. Why would you purchase a Tritoon boat rather than a Pontoon Boat?

Tritoon boats are often built for heavier loads of people or luxury items, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bars, lounge chairs, top sundecks, etc.

Hydraulic lifts are more than just accessories, they’re essential for helping you effortlessly lift and lower your vessel when docking to ensure they’re safe and secure. If you’re considering a cantilever or vertical lift for your vessel, discover the features and benefits each can bring to help you decide the best lift for your setup.

Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts

These hydraulic lifts use hydraulic power to lift and lower boats onto and off the water. They utilize these systems principles, which involve force transmission through a pressurized fluid like oil or water.

With that, here are the components that give hydraulic remote vertical lifts their power to effortlessly lift boats:

  1. Hydraulic cylinders – responsible for lifting and lowering the boat. Made with an aluminum hydraulic cylinder and utilizes biodegradable hydraulic fluid. 
  2. Pumping system – responsible for generating hydraulic pressure by circulating hydraulic fluid through the system. It typically consists of a hydraulic pump, reservoir, and piping.
  3. Control system – includes components that regulate the operation of the lift, such as valves, switches, and remote control devices.


Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts

Cantilever boat lifts raise and lower boats using a cantilever arm mechanism powered by hydraulic systems. These lifts offer the convenience of remote operation, allowing you to control the lifting and lowering of the boats from a distance using a remote control device.   

Here are the structural components that make hydraulic remote cantilever lifts powerful:

  1. Cantilever arm – supports the boat’s weight while distributing the lifting force generated by the hydraulic system. Users can choose between a 48-inch or 60-inch lifting height for each lift.
  2. Hydraulic system – the power source that drives the lifting mechanism of this lift. It comprises several components, including a hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic fluid reservoir, piping, and control valves.
  3. Safety features – integral components that ensure the protection of the boat, lift, and users. Features may include large footplates, emergency stop buttons, and locking mechanisms.


Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts vs. Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts

Vertical and cantilever hydraulic lifts may both utilize hydraulic technology to function, but as described above, each contains different components that allow each lift to provide different functionalities when lifting and lowering your boat. So here’s a side-by-side comparison of both lifts to help your decision:



Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts: These lifts are specifically designed for vertical lifting, raising boats straight out of the water. They’re ideal for areas with fluctuating water levels, or limited space where vertically lifting a boat is necessary.

Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts: Cantilever lifts primarily offer horizontal lifting capabilities, pivoting around a fixed point to raise the boat from the water. However, while they can lift boats vertically to some extent, their design is more suited for 

Efficiency and Productivity


(Speed and Precision)

  • Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts: They are generally faster and more precise in lifting and lowering boats vertically. They provide efficient operation, making them suitable for quick and frequent use.
  • Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts: They may take longer to lift and lower boats, especially if the boat needs to be maneuvered horizontally before lifting. However, they can still offer precise control over the lifting process.


(Adaptability to Different Tasks)

  • Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts: Vertical lifts are specialized for vertical lifting and may not be as adaptable to tasks requiring horizontal movement or reach.
  • Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts: Cantilever lifts are more adaptable to different tasks due to their horizontal reach and maneuverability. You can use them for lifting, positioning, and accessing boats in various locations.


Safety Considerations


(Operator Safety)

  • Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts: Typically have safety features to protect operators, such as emergency stop buttons and safety rails. However, operators may have to be cautious of overhead clearance when operating the lift.
  • Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts: They also have safety features, but operators need to be mindful of the cantilever arm’s movement and potential obstructions in its path.


(Load Stability and Control)

  • Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts: They provide excellent load stability during the lifting process, as they raise the boat straight up out of the water. The hydraulic system ensures precise control over the lifting operation.
  • Hydraulic Remote Cantilever Lifts: These may have slightly less load stability, especially if your boat needs to be maneuvered horizontally before lifting. However, their proper operation and use of safety features minimize risks.


Final Thoughts

Hydraulic lifts are necessary to ensure lifting and lowering your boat is secure and safe. So, if you’re deciding between a cantilever and a vertical lift, knowing their features can benefit your decision. Each has pros and cons depending on your vessel’s needs, size, and water conditions. You can check out more information on these lifts at Boat Lifts International today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Why choose Hydraulic Cantilever lifts over Vertical lifts? 

You’ll want to choose cantilever lifts if you don’t want your boat to hang from cables and move around with the wind when docked. Its four-post style also detracts from the lake view even when the boat is not on the lift. So, the posts above the water don’t provide the clean look and finish many people look for at the lake.

When fully upright, the cantilever lift transfers the boat weight from the cylinders to the frame, adding to the boat’s safety without taking away from the view of the boat on the lift. When the boat is not on the lift, the lift can be lowered, and nothing additional is seen above the water line. 

  1. Are cylinder technology and attachment applications ideal for boat lifts?

New engineering designs in both cylinder technology and attachment applications are providing more cost-effective and safer ways to lift heavier boats and store them more securely while saving the customer money in both initial purchase price and future maintenance.


Safe docking is important for a number of reasons. For personal watercraft owners, safe docking offers protection against potential accidents and damages. Thus, unstable or insufficient docking increases the risk of accidents, posing a direct threat to rider safety. With the use of Wave Armor, it will serve as a good addition in securing your PWCs and providing a robust docking system.

The Need for Safe Docking

Over time, personal watercraft (PWC) owners may encounter a range of challenges when docking their watercraft. These challenges encompass:

  • Their watercraft’s compact size and build.
  • Maneuverability limitations within tight spaces and areas.
  • Susceptibility to collisions and exposures in busy waterways.


If their docking approaches are not secured, PWC owners will likely face potential damages, injuries, and harm to their surroundings. Damages on PWC need extensive repairs, which costs a lot. With a reliable and secured docking system, it basically promotes safeguarding PWC integrity, providing protection on critical components such as the hall and propulsion system.

Furthermore, numerous boat enthusiasts prioritize safety, driving the need for a secure and dependable docking solution. Unsecured personal boats pose risks of dislodgement, potentially causing substantial damage or injury to nearby boaters.

They come with a range of innovative features, from deck finishes to attachment slots and extensive accessories to enhance the boatowner’s dock system. They offer custom options to meet unique lifestyles and preferences to provide comfort and entertainment to mutuals.

For rough waters and waves, it is recommended to take wave armor docks. These docks are constructed using high-density polyethylene plastic, which offers exceptional durability and resistance to damage, moisture, rot, and even corrosion.

In addition, it meets with the water levels, rising and falling alongside them, with no modification and maintenance needed. These are compatible with all water types and have easy installation and set-ups. 

Wave Armor Features

When it comes to securing boats and PWC into their place, Wave Armor stands out in the boating industry. They are a top name in offering innovative docks and port systems, from floating docks and boat parts to swim rafts. 

Ensures a solution for any unique waterfront need, prioritizing quality docking systems that cater to a wide range of PWC and boat-owning needs. They also provide a wide range of products that enhance and redefine the docking experience. The unique features of their watercraft and boat docks include the following:

Stability and Durability

The docking system is designed to possess exceptional stability and durability. Made with high-quality materials, these docks provide a robust and secure platform with the ability to hold boats of varying sizes. Their robust design also ensures stability even through challenging water conditions. 

Additionally, these docks are designed to be robust to meet the water’s changing conditions. Routine maintenance, including regular wear and tear inspections, also helps detect potential issues early. This approach ensures timely repairs and extends the dock’s lifespan in the face of wave-related challenges.

Easy Accessibility

The docks also prioritize user-friendly designs and output to ensure seamless accessibility. Their docking systems come with innovative and efficient layouts, granting boat and PWC enthusiasts a more hassle-free boarding and disembarking experience. 

Protection Against Water And Weather Elements

The boat docks have incorporated weather-resistant features to safeguard boats against marine environments and prolonged natural exposure that may lead to damaging the vessel’s integrity. It comes with specialized coating and materials that ensure protection against corrosion, UV damage, and daily wear and tear.

Customization Options

Wave Armor recognizes boat owners’ unique preferences, needs, and experiences in their docking systems. They are open to taking in details and offer a diverse range of customization options that can cater to various needs. 

With this offer, boat and PWC owners can personalize their docks according to how they visualize and plan their vision. Boat and PWC owners are also provided additional docking and  boat lifting accessories to meet both function and aesthetic appeal. 

Advantages of Wave Armor

Wave Armor’s range of docking and raft systems reflects an extension of a boat owner’s unique lifestyle. Their docks are designed to be a step ahead and one of a kind for boat owners. Moreover, their docks come with specific benefits such as:

Improved safety for PWC Riders

The designed dock platform provides enhanced safety for personal boats and PWC. The dock design minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries that may happen if the vessels are not adequately secured. Enhanced stability guarantees PWC enthusiasts a more secure and seamless experience during docking and boarding procedures.

Prevention of Damage to Personal Watercraft

The docks also have the key advantage of preventing personal watercraft from getting damaged. The docking system is designed to protect your watercraft from scratches, dents, and damages during docking or mooring. This preserves the quality and aesthetic conditions of your PWCs and protects their functionality and longevity.

Time and Effort Savings in Docking Procedures

The docking systems’ user-friendly design offers simplified building and streamlined procedures, saving valuable time and effort for personal watercraft owners. The dock’s additional mechanism also doubles the simplicity of the process. With this design, PWC owners can easily dock and undock their boats quickly and effortlessly without hassle.

How to Get Wave Armor

Wave Armor offers products for all ranges. come in various options and lineups, such as their latest generation of PWC Ports. 

The Evolution Series is, by far, their easiest and largest Drive On/Roll Off PWC port in the market. Additional new products include ProTect’R, their latest port canopy system, and the Otter Island Swim Raft. See more of their latest and popular products by visiting their official website.

Installation Tips

While their dock and port products are user-friendly in design, it is still crucial for owners to practice essential installation and safety tips. Each product comes with detailed manuals covering the parts and specific instructions. PWC and boat owners can also inquire about the help of trained professionals advising on which products and components are crucial.

Special requirements are also needed to ensure the products are optimized to meet expectations and last a lifetime. PWC and small boat owners need to assess the water condition and location of the proposed installation. These assessments are needed to ensure proper alignment, dock stability, and personal safety matters.

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance practices are highly needed to make sure that your docking system lasts a lifetime and remains effective through your boat traveling needs. Boat and PWC owners should conduct regular inspections before, during, and after every use. Routine inspections will help in spotting and preventing significant problems that pose a threat to the docking system.

The product manufacturers also provide recommended guidelines regarding specific watercraft capacity and usage limitations. Owners should follow these recommendations and avoid unnecessary strains. 

Routine checks and cleaning procedures are also integral. PWC owners should inspect all the necessary equipment, such as the connectors, joints, and hardware, to prevent corrosion or infection in the building. Cleaning the dock’s surface is also important in removing debris, algae, dirt, or damaging substances


In conclusion, Wave Armor docking system provides a solution for safe personal watercraft docking. Their product offers a range of benefits that effectively boost and improve boatowner’s overall experiences. Their product’s streamlined design and enhanced safety procedure provide owners peace of mind and insurance that both their boats and themselves are in safe hands.

Boat Lifts International is proud to have them as our partner and supplier for your docking system needs. Visit our website today for more details or inquiries.



  1. Are you able to obtain an add-on if we buy more jet skis? 

Yes, the system is entirely modular, offering the flexibility to incorporate various add-ons. Add-on options help boat owners who opt for customized options for their dock and security means.

  1. Are your drives on ports adjustable to different crafts or PWC?

Yes, our stainless axles and rollers are adjustable to meet the needs of not only PWCs but also small boats or skiffs. Additionally, we offer measurement assessments to determine the dimensions that best suit your watercraft, docks, or other essential factors.

  1. Do your floats work in salt water? 

Our ports and various attachment hardware and components provide the perfect solution for all forms of needs for floating docks and fixed pier docks. The ports are designed to be resistant to any type of water that will float with the tide and always have you ready to launch or store your PWC safely.

Boat owners know that maintaining their vessels is just as essential as their adventures on the water. That’s why using a boat lift helps minimize their upkeep while preserving their pristine condition. Boat lift accessories add extra convenience so boat owners can easily utilize their equipment and vessels.

Power Unit Support Bracket

A power unit support bracket is a must-have accessory since it secures the power unit to a boat lift leg, canopy leg, or the dock’s side to ensure it’s out of harm’s way. It also reduces the wear and tear of the power unit since it minimizes its exposure to the vibrations and movements of the boat during operation.

Maintaining the power unit on a support bracket is also more convenient since it’s easier to access, ensuring it stays in proper working condition. Considering a power unit can be heavy, elevating it with a support bracket also helps redistribute the weight of a cantilever or vertical boat lift to prevent stress concentrations on specific parts.

When choosing a power unit support bracket, check its load capacity to ensure it can accommodate the load of one’s unit. Boat owners should also consider the type of material and construction of the bracket to ensure it’s corrosion-resistant and durable. For aesthetic purposes, it should also match the make of one’s boat lift so it looks pleasing to the eye.

Single Pole Boat Guides

Single pole boat guides are functional boat lift accessories every boat owner should consider since they make it easier to navigate a lift and act as a reference point for aligning a vessel. They also minimize lateral movement of the boat during docking, preventing damage since they’re lifted and lowered safely.

The great thing about single-pole boat guides is their ability to adjust according to the size of the boat. They’re also compatible with various boat lift types, whether vertical or cantilever boat lifts. Moreover, it would be ideal to inquire with an expert to know which type suits your vessel most.

To get the most out of their advantages, install the pole guides properly so they’re secure. While single pole boat guides are versatile, select one that’s compatible with the width and hull shape of the boat so the guides are easy to install. Consider selecting poles with durable materials, like aluminum or galvanized steel, to withstand harsh marine environments and ensure longevity.

Full-Length Drive Guides with Single Pole Uprights

Full-length drive guides with single pole uprights make docking a breeze by providing boat owners with a full guide for aligning their vessels on boat lifts. Aside from offering superior centering, the guide also doubles as a walking platform and step for easy access to the boat.

The single pole uprights are visual aids for helping boat operators position their vessels properly when lifting them into boat lifts. They also prevent lateral movement during the process to minimize damage, especially for vessels with V-shaped hulls.

The combined benefits of the guides and poles enhance the overall safety of the boats by reducing their chances of accidents and collisions during the lifting and lowering process. Proper alignment of the boat is heavily emphasized since it reduces the deterioration and support of the boat lift in the long run. In addition, the design for full-length drive guides with single pole uprights is easy to install since they often come with adjustable features to accommodate different boat lift layouts and sizes.

Bow Stop and Full-Length Drive Guides with Single Pole Uprights

The bow stop and full-length drive guides with single pole uprights are essential boat lift accessories for novice boat owners since they provide the ultimate guide for aligning their vessels in boat lifts. The bow stop is a valuable addition since it signals where to position the front of the vessel, preventing overruns and collisions with the lift structure.

Integrating the bow stop with full-length drive guides and single pole uprights enhances the vessel’s proper alignment, stability, and safety during loading and unloading. The guides provide a clear path for the boat operator to follow into the correct position on the lift without constant adjustments. The single pole uprights eliminate lateral movement of the boat, maintaining stability and alignment. 

Like other boat guides, the bow stop and full-length drive guides with single pole uprights also have a customizable design. They’re easily adjustable according to different sizes and designs for boats and boat lifts.

Side Deck and Brackets

Attaching a side deck and brackets adds aesthetic interest to boat lifts and enhances their support and stability. Side decks are platforms attached to the sides of boat lifts, providing additional deck space. They also act as walkways for boat owners, so accessing and cleaning their vessels is easier.

Brackets support the overall structure of boat lifts since they keep the side deck and boat lift securely attached, minimizing movement or flexing when docking boats.

When choosing a side deck and brackets for boat lifts, it’s important to consider their size and design to ensure they’re compatible with the boat lift. The type of material is also essential to ensure they can last against constant moisture and exposure to light. Aluminum or galvanized steel are good options since they can withstand corrosion.

Options for customization are also good to keep in mind, so adding other boat lift accessories or features, like wave armor docks or boat lift canopies, isn’t a hassle to install.

Comprehensive Integration of Accessories

A boat lift protects vessels against corrosion and keeps them secured on the dock. However, utilizing multiple boat accessories creates a comprehensive boat support system that enhances its stability and security.

For instance, boat lifts with single post uprights ensure the precise alignment of vessels since they act as a visual point of view to center boats when loading and unloading. Meanwhile, a bow stop and drive guide prevent overrun and collision with the lift since they tell the boat operator where to steer and stop. A side deck may look like a luxurious addition, but it doubles the stability of the boat lift by attaching additional legs to the system.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Accessories

After curating and installing the ideal accessories for their boat lifts, boat owners want to preserve them to maximize their benefits. 

Frequent Inspections

The trick to long-lasting boat lift accessories is to do frequent inspections. This includes looking for signs of damage, corrosion, or loose parts to address the issues promptly before they create further damage or failure to the entire set-up. If there are broken parts, replace them immediately to prevent compromising the safety and operation of the vessel and boat lift.

Routine Cleaning

A routine cleaning schedule for the boat lift, and its accessories is good practice since it removes the build-up of dirt, debris, and marine growth that accelerates wear. Brushing their surfaces with mild soap and water should remove water salt crystals and keep the system looking pristine.

Avoid using cleaning products that contain harsh ingredients like ammonia, phthalates, and chlorine since these can harm the marine environment and damage the boat and lift.

Corrosion Prevention

Since most boat lift parts and accessories consist of galvanized steel or aluminum, rust or corrosion is the greatest threat to their longevity. Applying anti-corrosive treatments on their surfaces will help stave them away.

Lifts, guides, and poles containing a combination of galvanized steel and aluminum are also susceptible to galvanic corrosion that causes lift failure if left untreated. To prevent this, occasionally washing the accessories with fresh water should minimize this issue.

Adjustment and Alignments

Check adjustable accessories, like pole uprights and bunk boards, to ensure they’re in the correct positions to prevent misalignment issues when loading and unloading vessels. Make sure to follow their manufacturer’s guidelines to make proper adjustments. 

Store Removable Accessories

Store removable accessories, like side decks, when not in use to prevent them from unnecessary exposure to the elements. Cover and place them in a dry environment to help extend their lifespan. This practice should be handy during the off-season since the weather will prevent boat owners from using their vessels.

Discover Premium Boatlift Accessories Now!

Boat owners know that a boat lift can help prolong their vessel’s lifespan. Adding boat lift accessories to the set-up enhances its stability and security, especially when integrating multiple attachments simultaneously.

Pole uprights, drive guides, and bow stops facilitate precise boat alignment when docking, while side decks and brackets provide additional stability to the boat lift system. Incorporating a power unit support bracket protects the boat lift’s power source and redistributes the overall weight of the boat lift to maintain its balance. Check out our website at Boat Lifts International to learn more about our boat lift accessories.


Owning a hydraulic boat lift is for boaters who seek convenience. The hydraulic mechanism allows little to minimal effort with the lift functioning from a simple button push. To know the pros of hydraulic lifts, read through this article to have an overview of purchasing one for your boats.

Understanding Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Hydraulic boat lifts are convenient to own and operate since they do not require cables or pulleys. These hydraulic mechanisms are also known to be more silent than traditional mechanical lifts. These specialized mechanical systems have been designed to lift and lower boats in and out of the water using hydraulic power. It provides a high level of control and precision in handling a watercraft. The premise of hydraulics stems from creating mechanical movement through pumping liquid in cylinders with pistons.

BoatLifts International (BLI) offers two types of hydraulic lifts to boaters:  Hydraulic Remote Cantilever and Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lifts. The first boasts a practical and efficient solution for boaters to maximize convenience and security. On the other hand, the latter offers a mix of the benefits of Aluminum Vertical Lifts powered by hydraulics. It boasts a flexible range used in shallow and deep waters. In choosing a hydraulic lift, it is essential to factor in the weight and size of your watercraft. The lifting capacity of lifts varies, so knowing your boat’s dimensions and capabilities is essential.

The Key Advantages

There are numerous advantages of these hydraulic boat lifts. Among these are its capacity and power to lift, smooth and precise control, minimal maintenance, durability and reliability.  The hydraulic boat lifts designed by BLI are made to be compact and convenient for boaters with a 12V DC hydraulic box. Boaters can upgrade for higher HLs with a remote control. The assembly and installation of BLI’s lifts are straightforward, only needing essential tools. Thus, there are several key advantages to investing in a hydraulic boat lift.

Power and Capacity

These types of hydraulic lifts are prominent for their extraordinary power and lifting capabilities, making these innovations ideal for various boat weights and sizes. However, knowing your vehicle’s dimensions and the power and capacity needed from a hydraulic boat lift is still essential.

Hydraulic boat lifts allow boaters to lift or lower their vessels into the water smoothly and precisely. Boarding boats are also easier when they are level with the dock and are not constantly swaying due to the waves.

Minimal Maintenance

This type of boat lift typically requires less maintenance than other variants. While these lifts still require regular maintenance and checking, they require less than traditional lifts like cable pulleys. Boat lifts also minimize the maintenance and cleaning of the vessel itself.

In fact, these boat lifts are built to last with the capability to withstand harsh marine conditions and heavy load lifting. It has proven to be durable and reliable on many levels.

Safety and Convenience

Hydraulic lifts can be operated remotely, which adds to its convenience. Also, investing in a good lift allows boaters and passengers to board quickly. Boarding the vessel while it is lifted minimizes the movement from water while boarding. Boarding at dock level is also more convenient for people to enter the vessel. 

When the boat is properly lifted, boaters can be confident that their vessels are secure. When lifted, boats will be prevented from floating away or being stolen. Storing boats in a lift is also much more convenient than constantly and repeatedly loading and unloading your vessel from a trailer.

Moreover, storing your boat in a hydraulic lift is more convenient for on-the-go repairs since lifting the boat provides easier access. Lastly, if the boat is secure above the water with a lift, it prevents damage and scuffs. The water conditions and changes in the tide could dock the boat, which could lead to significant cosmetic and functional damages. 

Protection from Damage

Keeping your boat anchored in the water will not protect it from long-term damage. Keeping it in the water would result in layers of scum accumulating in the boat’s exterior, increasing the risk of corrosion that can damage the vessel’s integrity. Not lifting your boat, especially in harsh weather conditions, can damage the vessel from rocking freely on the water or strong winds. 

Securing your boat in a hydraulic boat lift, especially in storms, can give you peace of mind that your investment is safely stored and suspended above the water. That is why you should constantly use your bilge to attend to water that enters your boat. It is not always the best solution, but lifting your vessel lessens the work of your bilge pump. 

Saltwater, especially, can quickly erode the material in boats. A lifted boat is less likely to have the hull stain, adding an extended value to the boat since it has been in better condition for longer. Additionally, a boat lift with an extra roof or canopy can protect the interiors of your vessel from sun damage that results in the interiors fading. 

Versatility and Adaptability 

As mentioned above, hydraulic lifts are versatile and can accommodate boats of various sizes. Boaters can choose from extensive lifts that can specifically cater to their vessel’s needs. Hydraulic boat lifts are also ideal for either saltwater or freshwater environments.

Environmental Considerations

Materials used in boats can contribute to pollution in the water. The oils, paints, and cleansers used on boats may spill into the water, affecting the environment. Spilled fuel from the engines can also contribute to the contamination of the environment. Keeping your boat suspended above the water lessens the time it spends on the water without compromising its safety. 

Hydraulic boat lifts are more environmentally friendly than other lifts. The lift produces less noise pollution and is more environmentally conscious in keeping your boat off the water when not in use.

Cost Savings

Hydraulic boat lifts may be more expensive initially compared to other variants. However, these boat lifts are built to last and can save you money in the long run from constant repairs. Also, using your hydraulic lifts when your vessels are unused can save you more money. These lifts are safe spaces to store your vessels when not in use. They keep your vessels safely suspended above the water, protecting them from accumulating damage from being in the water for extended periods. 

Keeping your vessel in the water would require further maintenance due to corrosion, even when not in use. A lot can be from docking your boat in the water for extended periods without use. Keeping boats in the water can lead to the growth and appearance of algae and barnacles, which cost to clean.


Hydraulic lifts are for boaters who seek convenience and security for their vessels. These lifts offer several benefits for boaters and passengers alike. Hydraulic boat lifts serve as a safety net for your vessel in rough weather conditions, prevent extensive water damage from being in the water even when not in use, offer convenience upon boarding, and more. These may be a significant investment at first, but they significantly lessen your expense on repairs from potential damage in the future. Thus, investing in a quality lift protects your watercraft’s quality and resale value. Boats are a significant investment for individuals, so protecting the boat’s integrity should be a priority.

Why Choose Boat Lifts International in Hydraulic Lifts

Boat Lifts International values quality service and products. We began as a ski and wakeboard school that slowly transitioned into the boat lift dealership industry in 1999. It emphasizes the importance of exceptional customer service. At present, we are Seattle’s number-one boat lift dealer. An issue in the industry was that when the purchase was completed, the relationship between dealer and customer most likely ended as well. Our company believes that even after the purchase has been completed, we are still available for our customers should they have any concerns.  Check out our products on our website at Boatlifts International, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Our boats and personal watercraft (PWC) deserve a safe and accessible space to dock. However, there’s an exceptional choice for you, and it’s called wave armor. After the existence of standard dock systems, Wave Armor began to shine under the limelight with its innovative features. It may be a good option for your watercraft, especially as a defensive tool against risky water waves.

In addition, this equipment can also be eco-friendly and provide harmless effects to nature. This is a good option if you want to protect your jetski from any dents or scratches. However, it’s best to learn more about the overall benefits of Wave Armor before you consider purchasing one. Let’s dive right into it!

What is Wave Armor?

The wave armor was designed for boats and personal watercraft to have a safe and accessible place to dock. In addition, it protects the coast and shoreline, and its primary duty is to absorb and dissipate the energy of water waves; this protects coastal properties and infrastructures from any severe damage. A wave armor is usually placed along the shorelines and is typically made from concrete or rock to prevent erosion.

Wave armor structures can assume various shapes, such as breakwaters or revetments, depending on the required protection of a specific coast. Overall, a wave armor structure is generally designed to handle all coastal damage and offers different advantages. You can learn more about wave armor from us or any professionals near your place.

The Importance of Wave Armor in Your Watercraft

However, before purchasing a wave armor, individuals should assess its benefits, features, and future impacts. Our watercraft need a reliable and safe shelter, so choosing the best docking choice is vital in making this possible. Remember that along with convenience, individuals should consider the healthy and positive impacts before owning a wave armor.

How Wave Armor Help You Foster an Ideal Shelter for Your Watercraft?

Wave armor is deemed the finest outcome of innovation built with high-quality characteristics. It offers worthwhile benefits to your watercraft and provides a durable docking system while unused. Alternatively, you can ask experts what wave armor can do. In this way, you’ll be able to have an extensive knowledge of the equipment’s function and benefits.

Here are the primary roles of Wave Armor that make it a highly recommended choice:

Durable and Convenient Boat Ports

Wave Armor’s boat ports are designed to achieve two main goals: to be durable and convenient. Your watercraft will have its safe space even without your supervision. Due to its convenience, you can easily access it whatever your plans are. Plus, its durability can guarantee you maximum safety under various weather conditions.

Designed to suit various watercraft

Whether you own a jet ski or wave runners, Wave Armor is carefully designed to become a versatile docking system regardless of the size or type of the watercraft. This way, it provides a flexible option for watercraft owners to achieve their specific docking needs. Overall, you don’t need to worry about docking small and large PWCs since it can do both.

Good Swim Rafts

Aside from its docking functions, it is also a quality swim raft. This allows people to conveniently engage in recreational activities in the water by seeking comfort on the platform by sitting or lying down. You can also bring your own snacks on the platform while in the middle of the water. Overall, this provides a convenient, reliable, and fun experience.

Soft Urethane Wheels

The Evolution Series, in particular, is equipped with soft urethane wheels. These wheels are known for their soft nature and can definitely be safe on your watercraft. Additionally, this feature can also be effortlessly adjusted according to your preference or whatever fits your specific requirements. This feature is one of the reasons that makes Wave Armor ideal.

Climate Resilience

Bad weather conditions are unpredictable and can happen when we least expect them. However, the good news is that the Wave Armor’s durability is one of the primary aspects that keep it functional despite challenging weather conditions. On the other hand, it’s still important to provide safety to this equipment despite its strong features to ensure its longevity.

The Family’s Choice: The Wave Armor for Your Loved Ones

We want to put emphasis on the fact that Wave Armor has been ensuring that the equipment is family-friendly. The features were carefully designed to stay durable enough to provide maximum protection to individuals who plan to spend time on the equipment. This makes the equipment reliable and safe, especially for children who intend to play within the waters.

Its seating features, in particular, often consist of comfortable backrests and cushioned seating areas. This provides a profound relaxation to individuals who are thinking of sunbathing or just simply taking their time. Think about Wave Armor as an excellent tool to seamlessly enjoy the things you love the most with your family and friends.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Wave Armor’s Evolution Series is also known for its easy-to-use features, which provide a convenient and hassle-free experience. This is good if you’re planning to install the docking system in your area. Plus they also come in handy due to their lightweight materials, making them easy to handle and transport. The equipment is also often tool-free, preventing you from complex tools and operations.

On the other hand, features are usually adjustable, making it easier for owners to adjust the height of dock legs or the position of PWC ports. Through this feature, it allows individuals to achieve their specific preferences for their docking system. Lastly, Wave Armor products are low-maintenance and don’t need intricate ways of cleaning or maintaining.

Versatility and Customization

Doesn’t matter if you come from a big or small family, Wave Armor’s Evolution Series allows individuals to customize their docking system according to their family size and preference. This makes the equipment highly versatile for everyone. Through its customized features, there’s no doubt that the product remains to be ideal for a lot of people worldwide.

In fact, Wave Armor is pleased to remind its valuable customers that they offer various options according to their taste. This aims to give individuals a unique experience through their wide selection of products. However, it’s worth noting that these products may possess and offer different features. So it’s important to check them first and know how they work.

  • Floating docks
  • Swim rafts
  • PWC ports
  • Boat ports

Wave Armor: Your Excellent Partner in Docking

There’s no doubt that Wave Armor is really one top-notch choice if you want an excellent docking system. When it comes to business, we’re deeply committed to our valuable customers who seek the best products. As your business partner, we’re pleased to remind you and let you know that we offer a wide range of products you can choose from.

At Wave Armor, it’s our mission to provide individuals with excellent products and services. We aim to help them reach great and new heights. Hopefully, our products will help them improve their respective excursions and activities. On top of that, we also provide customers with customized methods to attain their specific needs and preferences.

In Summary

Wave Armor is undeniably a fine product of innovation, and its features are popularly known as eco-friendly. Its capability to benefit the environment is unmatched, primarily aiming at enhancing biodiversity and improving water quality. This equipment prides itself on its significance in ecological sustainability.

Choosing wave armor may be the healthiest choice for your watercraft. It’s an advanced form of docking system that also serves as a protection against harmful water waves and filters sediment that can be detrimental to the aquatic environment. In addition, there are also wave armors that emulate coral reefs, which can foster a liveable shelter for marine species.

While wave armor has its downsides, it can still stay functional as long as you regularly conduct assessments and integrate eco-friendly materials when maintaining your equipment, which makes the maintenance healthier and non-toxic to the environment; it’s recommended that you seek advice or professional assistance from experts who know best.

Upgrade Your Watercraft Experience with Wave Armor

Are you looking for high-quality wave armor? Boat Lifts International specializes in various docking systems made straight out of innovation. On top of that, we ensure that these products are eco-friendly and are also worth installing in your vicinity. You can visit our website to check out more of our creations and inquire about the benefits of our products and more from us over the phone. Contact us today!

Boat lifts are key components any boat owner needs to raise their boats out of the water. Boat owners can use these devices for marinas, boatyards, and private docks. 

Despite its simple use and purposes, boat lifts provide a range of benefits for enthusiastic boat owners. Boat lifts provide both convenience and care for boat owners and boats. Take a deep dive and see the best options with boat lifts for sale.

What are Boat Lifts?

In general context, boat lifts are mechanical devices designed to hoist and support small-type boats out of the water. They are usually made of hoisting system components and support cradles, ensuring that the boat is suspended above the water when not used.

Owning a boat lift offers numerous benefits for owners. These devices help protect boats from potential damages caused by prolonged exposure to water and other natural elements boats may encounter throughout their run. 

Staying on the water for so long can lead to corrosion and marine growth beneath the boat. Minimizing damages also results in the boat’s lifespan being extended and a reduction of maintenance costs over time. 

Boat lifts also make it more convenient for owners to access and board their boats with minimal effort. This eliminates the need for complicated approaches and procedures on their end. Additionally, this saves boat owners time and reduces potential wear and tear on their boats. These are also convenient if hurricanes or typhoons occur to ensure your boat is safe and secure.

Lastly, these boat lifts are designed for heavy lifting by hoisting your boat off the water quickly, providing convenience and saving time in taking the boat in and out of the water at the beginning and the end of the owner’s cruising time.

Types of Boat Lifts

Choosing the suitable options among numerous boat lifts for sale is essential in maximizing its benefits and needs. Owners must also ensure that the boat lifts they purchase to fit their respective boats and needs. This selection must be based on specific factors such as boat size, weight, shape, and water body condition. 

There are several types of boat lifts available that owners can choose from.

Vertical boat lifts

The vertical lifting mechanism in this boat lift is ideal for narrow bodies of water and locations with limited space. Vertical boat lifts offer excellent stability with a lifting capability of around 10,000 lbs. capacity. This makes these lifts suitable for varying boat sizes.  

Additionally, Vertical lifts are adaptable for both shallow and deep water applications. Our vertical boat lifts are available in two variations: the Hydraulic Remote Vertical Lift and Aluminum Vertical Lifts.

Cantilever Boat Lifts

In contrast to vertical boat lifts, this type uses a horizontal mechanism such as a flat bar or lever to lift boats out of the water. Cantilever boat lifts are popular for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness, making them suitable for smaller boats with lifting capabilities from 750 lbs to 1,500 lbs. However, this may also vary depending on the model.

Hydraulic Boat Lifts

As their name indicates, hydraulic boat lifts adopted hydraulic power in lifting and lowering boats smoothly. They are highly versatile and are popular for their ease and reliability. Check out our Hydraulic Remote Cantilever System, a compact model that operates using a 12V DC hydraulic control box, which customers also have the option of running with a 120V AC, 12V DC, or 24V DC.

PWC Lifts (Personal Watercraft Lifts)

PWC lifts are designed to handle personal watercraft like jet skis and wave runners. PWC lifts provide a convenient solution due to their compact size and easy operation features. These boat lifts may be mounted on the dock, pile, free-standing, or drive-on models.

Factors to Consider When Buying Boat Lifts

There are different boat lifts for sale and available within the market. They offer different benefits and meet varying conditions. You have other factors that need to be considered before buying one out of the blue, ensuring that the lift you are purchasing fits the needs of your watercraft.

Budget is a critical consideration when it comes to buying boat lifts. Boat lifts vary in price ranges. Future owners must determine how much they will invest in a lift and its components that meet their preferences and needs in the long run.

Another factor to consider is checking your boat size and weight. You will need to know how big and heavy your boat is to choose a lift that can take on your boat. 

Additionally, location and water depth are also in need of consideration. Boat lifts are suited to different water depths and conditions. Regarding this, you need to align your boat lift options with your preferred location.

Where to Find Boat Lifts for Sale?

You can rely on several sources to find boat lifts for sale. Firstly, several local stores specialize in marine equipment and boat lift selections. They provide buyers with the advantage of checking out these products in person.

Another source buyers can consider is online marketplaces. Different boating-specific websites offer a wide range of boat lift options owners can choose from. Online marketplace sellers also typically list their products’ dimensions and capabilities. Online marketplaces provide more comprehensive options with more detailed information, with the result being they cannot offer real-time data or inquiry answering.

Some manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers. Direct sellers offer customization options and direct connections to the manufacturer, enabling boat owners to customize the boat lift according to their needs.

Questions to Ask Sellers:

It would help if you asked relevant and necessary questions about boat lifts for sale. Here are some critical questions for your direct seller or provider regarding the boat lift products you want to purchase. 

The most important thing to ask is about the boat lift’s warranty coverage. You must inquire about the warranty duration and scope when buying a boat lift. Additionally, check on the warranty for specific conditions or limitations. 

Another thing to inquire with the provider is the required maintenance needs for the boat lifts. It is essential to ask this to know how to care for the lifts and prevent damages that may cost you more over time. You are free to ask regarding installation services or any of their recommended installation services and inquire regarding the possible additional fees of installing the lifts.

Furthermore, it would be best if you inquired about the seller’s policies regarding return or potential exchange. Knowing these terms and conditions is important upon returning a lift that is either defective or doesn’t meet your expectations.  

Maintenance and Care Tips for First Timers

Here are some helpful tips for individuals using boat lifts for the first time. Firstly, for maintenance, regularly clean your lift components, such as the cables, pulleys, and framework. Use mild detergent and clean water to remove salt or other debris. Also, ensure that you regularly inspect your lift and its components to ensure everything functions at its best.

Additionally, use recommended lubricant oil on moving parts to prevent rust and corrosion. Store your boat lifts properly in dry storage areas without exposure to weather conditions and other natural elements.

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your newly purchased boat lift in top condition. This also ensures that these lifts will last a lifetime without hindering their performance quality. Perform visual inspections before and after each use. In the instance that you might find components or the boat lift itself needing replacing, replace these parts as necessary to prevent potential damage from occurring.

Check the lifts for wear and tear signs or any signs of corrosion. Act quickly if repairs and replacements are necessary.

Explore Our Boat Lifts Today!

Boat Lifts International (BLI) has been supplying quality boat lift products to consumers around the globe for more than 25 years. Started as a small ski and wakeboard school and became a boat lift dealer in 1999. At present, BLI holds customer service as the gold standard and works to surpass our customers’ expectations. Moreover, BLI is a vast distribution dealer of networks and services to customers from all around the world.

To begin checking out any open boat lifts for sale, contact us today for more details and inquiries.

There are many reasons why you would want to do an upgrade of your current boat lift. One common reason is having a boat lift that is quite old. Maybe your boat lift is a used unit off Craigslist and you can’t be sure with how well its previous owners took care of it. Or perhaps your family has owned yours for years and has been host to different types of boats. No matter your reason for upgrading your boat lift, make sure that you keep the following things in mind:  

Your boat’s weight, length, and beam – Your boat’s specs will be a huge factor in your next boat lift so make sure that you have the exact numbers. As far as weight goes, don’t rely on only the boat of the weight. You also have to add in the weight of the gear, occupants, gas, and others. Add them all up and then choose a lift can carry around 500 lbs more than your final number.

The materials that will be used to construct the boat lift – It is imperative that you be meticulous about the materials that will be used for the cables, pulleys, and framework of your upgraded boat lift. Galvanized steel may be cheaper but it will not fare well in salt water environments. Aluminum boat lifts will cost you more but they will not rust and will serve you for much longer.

Whether you want a manual or electric boat lift – If you want your upgraded boat lift to be electric, there are several additional factors to consider. For one, you will need to have a safe power source. An electric boat lift will also require tougher maintenance.

Your area’s water levels – Some boat lifts will be able to handle fluctuating water levels. Others are for low water levels only.

Future Boat Upgrade – Will you be getting a new boat sometime in the near future? If the answer points to yes, you will want to think about the weight and other requirements that this will add to your boat lift.

New Boat Lift Warranty – Choose a boat lift company that will offer you generous warranty terms. Our aluminum structures typically come with 15 years of limited warranty.

Craftsmanship Details – Here at Boat Lifts International, we are proud of what we do and that easily translates into the craftsmanship of every boat lift we install. Our aluminum frames are marine grade and exceed industry standards. We have bushings at pivot points so that your boat lifts will last longer. And because we care about style, too, our boat lifts come with nice contoured edges.

Maintenance – Upgrading your boat lift might mean adding more tasks to your maintenance activities. Think about how much time you can commit to caring for your boat lift before you upgrade.

Earth-Friendly – Not all mineral oils are environmentally-friendly. Your boat helps you appreciate nature so you have to do your part in protecting it. We recommend hydraulic systems that come with biodegradable fluids.


What Types of Boat Lifts Should You Upgrade To? 

The factors stated above give you an idea that not all boat lifts are created equal. Some are more suited for certain types of conditions or boats. Others require more upkeep and additional set-up equipment. To help you choose the direction for your boat lift upgrade, take a look at the different types of boat lifts below:

Hydraulic Cantilever Boat Lifts – A Hydraulic Lift in cantilever style will not carry your boat’s full weight because the boat lift cables are pulled either diagonally or horizontally. If you have restrictions in your properties, a cantilever boat lift is one of your best options. We carry RCG Hydraulic Lifts with top of the line features. Their capacity levels come in a wide range, with maximum weight capacity of 12,000 lbs. They are made of marine grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Their hydraulic system uses biodegradable fluid and the larger ones can come with remote control.

Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lifts – A vertical boat lift moves up and down. It can carry your boat very high above the water’s surface. If your area has fluctuating water levels, a vertical boat lift is highly recommended. Going the hydraulic route is also a great choice because you will enjoy fast and quiet lifting power. And speaking of lifting power, the RGC Hydraulic Vertical Lifts of Boat Lifts International come in 4000, 5000, and 7000 lb varieties. The hydraulic unit is battery powered so you won’t have to worry if your area has inadequate or unreliable power source.

Modular Floating Boat Lifts – Floating boat lifts are great for preventing water corrosion. Because they will float no matter the water level, you are assured that your boat will remain safe and dry. Of course, we don’t recommend just any drive-on or floating boat lift. Ours is a SportPort that comes with a solid foam core. This means that it floats and is sure to keep your boat dry. Aside from being simple to install, a floating boat lift is also easy to keep in tip-top shape. Just brush and hose off every now and then and you’re good to go. And because it’s modular, you can expand it quite easily.

One-Piece Boat Lifts – These are drive-on varieties that come in one big slab. Upkeep is easy as well but they will not accommodate changes in your boat size or capacity. It’s not expandable or modular.

Railway System – Can’t “park” your boat in the water? If your neighborhood has strict rules, you will need a railway boat lift system. Depending on the upgrade you go for, a railway system can carry up to 4000 lbs of weight.


Got more questions about your planned boat lift upgrade? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to walk you through the whole process.

Your boat takes you closer to nature — to experience the peaceful rocking of the waters and the jaw dropping beauty of every shoreline you pass. But nature can also be your boat and other boating equipment’s biggest enemy. Your boat lift, for example, can suffer brutally from the changing of each season. Boat lifts will last up to 25 years, even longer, but they need constant upkeep.

To keep your boat lift in top shape for many years, make sure to keep the following winterizing and seasonal maintenance tips in mind:

1. Post-Season Check – At the end of each boating season, do a thorough examination of your boat lift. From the largest parts to the smallest bolts, your boat lift should be rigorously checked. Are the cables fraying? Are the brackets attached securely to the docks? If you see some worn parts, you can go ahead and order them from your boat company. Don’t wait until spring or when boat companies become too busy to ship your parts on time.

2. In Case of Storms – Do you get a lot of strong winds and stormy days during the winter season? You will want to secure the lift if you do. This process includes removing the boat off the lift completely. Leaving the boat on it will result in a catastrophic turn of events, especially when you factor in a storm.Another thing that you need to do is to secure the beams so that your lift will not sway too much in the wind. Additionally, if the weathermen are predicting storm surges, you will want to keep your motors and gearboxes dry. Make sure that you remove them for the season. Storms can also bring power surges. To be safe, anything that uses a power source should be unplugged or kept dry.

3. In Case of Freezing Waters – If your lake or shoreline freezes, it is essential that you remove the boat lift from the water completely. Ice moves and expands. And as they do, your boat lift and docks will not be safe.
Keep in mind however, that you have to keep your boat lift’s small parts together and in a secure place when you disassemble it. Make sure that you have all the bolts and small components in one box and that they are labeled properly. You don’t want to meet the following year’s boating season with missing boat lift parts.

4. Use De-icer – Let’s say your water freezes you removing your boat lift completely is not possible. Sometimes removing it can be impractical after all. But this doesn’t mean that you should leave it to the mercy of the elements. What you can do, instead, is to turn to the help of a de-icer. A de-icer will protect your boat lift and docks from ice damage. What it does is create an ice-free zone around your dock and boat lift by pushing warm water to surface and preventing ice formation. As a result, your boat lift will not be damaged by the expansion or movement of ice in the water all through winter.

5. Offseason Checks – When your boat lift is not being used during the off-season, it will tend to become a lot more dirty and stiff. Once in a while, operate the boat lift just so you can see if all its essential parts are still working. A good off-season boat lift maintenance checklist includes the following: Clean the cables with fresh water, lubricate grease points, and check bearings and rollers.

These winterizing and seasonal maintenance tips are simple and easy to do. You don’t even have to shell out a huge sum for the most part. But if you do them diligently, you will be able to save even more money by keeping your boating equipment free from damage.Once the new boating season arrives, you will be assured that your boat lift cables won’t snap or that its motor is still running. Again, we reiterate the need to order any accessories you need in advance so that your boat lift will be complete and in running condition once spring arrives.